Side-saddle lesson

  Interested in learning to ride side-saddle? Or wanting to improve your side-saddle skills? We offer 30min lessons for beginners and experienced riders who wish to discover the joys of side-saddle riding.

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Riding lessons for Children

  Safe and enjoyable riding lessons for children (from 4years on) and teenagers. Our qualified instructors will help your child to develop their riding skills, including flatwork and jumping. Riding helps children to build confidence and self-esteem, and improves posture and related back-problems. We offer day activities and longer pony camps in the summer, please…

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Riding for adults

We offer beginners and advanced riders the opportunity to develop/improve their riding skills. Be it your capacity to ride bareback, control your horse or improve your jumping, we can offer you tailor-made session of up to 60min. Once-off lessons can improve your posture and rapport, but we strongly suggest to book a course of at…

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